TeamTrak is a hardware and software testbed for building and researching wireless cooperative mobile computing systems. Such systems augment the capability of cooperating people to rapidly find one another and share data in sensor rich mobile ad-hoc networks without the benefit of a wired infrastructure. These systems have many applications in areas as diverse as emergency response, cartography, military action, and even just social games.
Overview of TeamTrak

Using TeamTrak, we are able to evalute new research concepts in mobile in real world settings. Groups of students carry TeamTrak-enabled devices around campus to simulate tasks such as search-and-rescue and rapid cartography. We collect live data from the experience and use it to improve future systems designs.

TeamTrak is a collaboration between two research labs at the University of Notre Dame:
  • Distributed Adaptive Real Time Systems Lab
  • Cooperative Computing Lab
  • Projects and classes employing TeamTrak include:
  • SPIRIT - Spontaneous Information and Resource Sharing Infrastructure
  • CSE 40071 - Distributed Systems - Spring 2007
  • People Working on TeamTrak

  • Prof. Douglas Thain
  • Prof. Christian Poellabauer
  • Prof. Nitesh Chawla
  • Jeffrey Hemmes
  • Rory Carmichael
  • Hoang Bui
  • TeamTrak Alumni

  • Brendan McNutt - Implemented stride measurement in TeamTrak.
  • Daniel Mack - Implemented approximate location measurement in TeamTrak.
  • Publications

  • On-Demand Transient Data Storage and Backup in Mobile Systems. Jeffrey Hemmes, Christian Poellabauer, and Douglas Thain. 2007 Military Communications Conference (MILCOM '07), Orlando, October 2007.
  • Lessons Learned Building TeamTrak: An Urban/Outdoor Mobile Testbed. Jeffrey Hemmes, Douglas Thain, Christian Poellabauer, Christopher Moretti, Phil Snowberger, and Brendan McNutt. WASA 2007: International Conference on Wireless Algorithms, Systems and Applications, Chicago, August 2007.
  • Work In Progress: Integrating Undergraduate Research and Education via the TeamTrak Mobile Computing Framework. Jeffrey Hemmes, Douglas Thain, and Christian Poellabauer. IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Milwaukee, October 2007.
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    This research is partially supported by a DoD Defense University Research Instrumentation (DURIP) Grant.
    For more information, contact teamtrak at nd dot edu