Experimental Research on Wireless Networking (ERWiN)

University of Notre Dame
Computer Science and Engineering


The REU program is organized by Dr. Christian Poellabauer, who leads the DARTS Lab (Distributed and Adaptive Real-Time Systems), and Dr. Aaron Striegel, who leads the NetScale Lab. The members of these labs focus on research in wireless networking, experimental systems, ad-hoc and mesh networks, wireless sensor networks, network protocols, mobile ad-hoc networks, real-time systems, energy efficiency, and many other topics. In addition, potential co-mentors of REU participants direct labs focusing on embedded computing, mobile multimedia, and distributed systems in general.

Participants in the REU program will have access to the large amount of equipment housed by these labs, including hundreds of wireless routing devices, tens of sensor devices, more than fifty laptops and PDAs, several robots, tens of cell phones, and other wireless networking and measurement tools. A focus of the REU program is the experimental approach to research, which necessitates access to state-of-the-art equipment. REU participants will interact with the program directors, other faculty, graduate students, and other collaborators (e.g., our partners from industry) to ensure that the equipment will be used efficiently and effectively. New in 2009 will be the availability of a campus-wide wireless mesh network that will be used by many of the REU participants in their research projects.