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Important Dates:

  Application: 8 March 2013
  Notification: 22 March 2013
  Start Date: 28 May 2013
  End Date: 2 August 2013

Experimental Research on Wireless Networking (ERWiN)

University of Notre Dame
Computer Science and Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the REU Site? What are the benefits of participating? What responsibilities will I have? What exactly will I be expected to do?

The exact type of work of requirements are difficult to specify (and also depend on your research mentor), but the following are some guidelines for the program. How will I find a project to work on?

Our REU web site will list a number of possible projects (during the application process you are asked to identify projects from that list that best match your interests) and additional projects will be suggested and discussed after arrival at the REU site.

What other activities (beyond work) will be provided?

There will numerous additional activies such as field trips, parties, and other informal social events. You will find details about these events on our schedule.

How will I get paid?

The exact method of payment will be established at the beginning of the REU. Most likely, the stipend will be paid in weekly increments.