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The Parrot Virtual File System

Parrot is a tool for attaching existing programs to remote I/O systems through the filesystem interface. For example, here's how to use Parrot with vi in order to edit a file on a remote file server:

% parrot_run vi /chirp/

Parrot "speaks" a variety of remote I/O services include HTTP, FTP, GridFTP, iRODS, HDFS, XRootD, GROW, and Chirp on behalf of ordinary programs. It works by trapping a program's system calls through the ptrace debugging interface, and replacing them with remote I/O operations as desired. Parrot can be installed and operated by any user without special privileges or kernel changes and can be applied to almost any program without re-writing, re-linking, or re-installing. Parrot is particularly useful for running batch jobs in large scale distributed systems.

Parrot is currently only available on the Linux operating system.

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