Hemberger holding Oscar

April 27, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in 102 DeBartolo

Experiments in Feature Film Visual Effects

Allen Hemberger
Weta Digital / Pixar


The Visual Effects industry is constantly challenged by directors and production studios to produce more, better, faster, cheaper. There's rarely a "correct" way to solve a given problem; usually solutions are found by clever experimentation. Allen Hemberger has been experimenting in visual effects for feature films for just over 9 years since graduating from Notre Dame. During that time, he's worked for Peter Jackson on King Kong, the Wachowski brothers on The Matrix film trilogy, and most recently James Cameron on Avatar. After 5 years of work at Weta Digital in New Zealand, he's moving to San Francisco to begin work at Pixar. He's using the few weeks he has between these jobs to fuel up on quarter dogs and speak with students about how heavy an Oscar actually is, why making digital water is the coolest experiment he's been involved with, and what's involved in being a visual effects artist.

Avatar will be shown following the lecture.

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