IJCB 2011 Awards



The Honeywell Best Student Paper Award.


Š             Mining patterns of orientations and magnitudes for face recognition”, Ngoc-Son Vu (Grenoble INP), Alice Caplier (Grenoble INP)


The Honeywell Best Student Paper Award was selected by a committee appointed by the program chairs from among the best-reviewed submissions.



The IAPR Best Biometrics Student Paper Award.


Š             Latent Fingerprint Enhancement via Robust Orientation Field Estimation”, Soweon Yoon (Michigan State University), Jianjiang Feng (Tsinghua University), Anil Jain (Michigan State University)


The IAPR Best Biometrics Student Paper Award was selected by a committee organized by the IAPR TC 4.



Best Poster Paper Awards.


Š             Tuesday – “On Co-training Online Biometric Classifiers”, Himanshu Bhatt (IIIT Delhi), Samarth Bharadwaj (IIIT Delhi), Richa Singh (IIIT Delhi), Mayank Vatsa (IIIT Delhi), Afzel Noore (West Virginia University), Arun Ross (West Virginia University) (pdf of poster)


Š             Tuesday – “Latent-to-full palmprint comparison based on radial triangulation under forensic conditions”, Ruifang Wang (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Daniel Ramos (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Julian Fierrez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) (pdf of poster)


Š             Wednesday – “Reliability-balanced Feature Level Fusion for Fuzzy Commitment Scheme”, Christian Rathgeb (University of Salzburg), Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg), Peter Wild (University of Salzburg)


Š             Thursday – “Investigating Age Invariant Face Recognition Based on Periocular Biometrics”, Felix Juefei-Xu (Carnegie Mellon University), Khoa Luu (Concordia University), Marios Savvides (Carnegie Mellon University), Tien Bui (Concordia University), Ching Y. Suen (Concordia University). (pdf of poster)


The Best Poster Paper Awards were selected each day by a vote of attendees at the conference.  There was a tie on Tuesday, and a single winner on each of the other two days.