Notes for BTAS 07 presenters: "easy as 1-2-3".


1. Plan for your talk's time slot.

   Talks for accepted papers are either 20 minutes

   or 10 minutes; the acceptance email specifies

   which applies to your paper.

   For 20-minute talks, allow 4 minutes at the end

   for questions.  For 10-minute talks, allow 2

   minutes at the end for questions.

   Think of the talk in terms of the "big picture"

   of the work rather than trying to cram in all

   the details.

   The program schedule is relatively tight, and

   session chairs are asked to keep things on



2. Plan for the size of the room.

   We are projecting over 100 registrants for the


   Use large, bold font text that projects well.

   Check color combinations and line width on



3. Plan for the nature of the audience.

   The audience will be primarily technical, but

   will come from a variety of backgrounds.


Conference sessions are in the Washington Room

at the conference hotel, the Doubletree Crystal